Policy Positions

Policy Positions

Expect a Progressive

In every aspect of life, Mico is a Progressive. He does what he can to help others and feels that the Government and the wealthy need to step up and play their part in helping the people of this country. Reminiscent of Bernie Sanders and Cornell West, he takes a strong approach against corruption in our country, and fights for more power in the peoples' hands.

You cannot lead the people if you don't love the people, you cannot save the people of you don't serve the people. - Cornell West

Atlantic City

The state has no right to take over Atlantic City and deprive the duly elected representatives in the city of their right to govern. Atlantic City needs to be heard by Trenton, not the other way around.  Mico's plan is:

  • End the Takeover
  • No sale of the Water Utility
  • Grants for first time small business owners who live in the city
  • Establish a Liaison to the Governor's Office from Atlantic City, chosen by Atlantic City
  • Renew the effort to build offshore wind farms and require at least 20% of the workers be Atlantic City residents

Government Efficiency

New Jersey has extraordinarily wasteful practices at every level that must be ended in order to utilize tax dollars more appropriately and provide for property tax relief.

  • Stricter laws regarding contract extensions for building projects
  • Sensible municipal services consolidation
  • Energy efficient renovations for all state, county, and municipal buildings over the course of 10 years
  • Simple solutions like turning off lights in buildings with no people in them

Single Payer Healthcare

It doesn't make sense to have such a complex healthcare system, where your employer and insurer decide what is covered. A Single-Payer healthcare system in New Jersey must be achieved to help heal our people, and ultimately save them and the state money.

  • Use existing funds from Medicare and Medicaid, and other funds like taxes on cigarettes and gambling earmarked for prevention and treatment to begin funding a single payer system
  • Instead of paying absurdly high insurance costs as part of your employers plan, a tax of  2% on employees and 6% on employers is sufficient to make a single-payer system solvent  long-term
  • The savings for both employer and employee results in more opportunity for job creation and wage increases

Minimum Wage and Jobs

It has been shown time and time again that when people have money, they spend it, and when money is spent, demand and jobs grow. New Jersey needs to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and it needs to happen now.

  • $15 per hour minimum wage now, providing tax breaks for small businesses for 2 years to assist with the transition
  • Incentivize employee owned co-ops
  • Develop plans for each county to have a Small Business Incubator centered in an economically depressed area of that county
  • Fix the pension system by reinstating the estate tax, instituting a single-payer healthcare system, and asking the ultra wealthy to pay their fair share


Legalize and tax recreational marijuana, devoting the tax money to go toward single-payer healthcare. Ensure that the business created by legalizing marijuana does not further damage the economies of urban areas by focusing the growth of these businesses in those epicenters.

  • Legalize for 21 year olds and older to smoke, not in public areas
  • Tax at 10%
  • Suburban growing centers, urban dispensaries

Future Focus

Our state will never be economically or environmentally stable without a focus on the future. That means recognizing long-term cost saving benefits and setting ourselves on that path. Sometimes the most cost effective solutions may seem difficult at first, but the result is ultimately less waste and lower taxes for the typical tax payer.

  • Transition all government buildings to 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • Single-Payer Healthcare by 2022
  • Publicly Financed Elections by 2024


This campaign does not accept donations from corporations. Any contribution you are able to make is greatly appreciated.